một kẻ băng ngang đường không đợi đèn
The Illegal Elements
Author: Yang Xie
Published on: 9/10/2015 4:59:13 PM

the illegal elements were two dogs from the suburbs
one was a yellow dog
and the other one, also a yellow dog
they had made an appointment to storm the city
they were now chasing each other and being intimate with
each other
in this busy street on the edge of the city
and then they strenuously revealed their naked love
to the eyes of the public
their love was so fierce
so lasting, so hard to separate in their entanglement
and it was during the day, in a street in broad daylight
that it soon became a grand spectacle
the termination of this heart-engraving love
was a small traffic jam that it had caused
and standing the way they did right in the heart of the street
very much affected the appearance of the city
two expressionless patrolling policemen who heard the news
and hurried in
used their batons from under their belts
after trying in vain to forcibly drive them away
and threw them, convulsing and fainting, into the police car
still inseparable in their entanglement, and dragged them away
this farce left half a piece of
shit that stank to the high heavens, lying in the heart of the
as well as a murmur from the fat patrolling policeman

-- translated from Chinese by Ouyang Yu

(originally published by Vagabond Press: Poems of YI Sha, Shu Cai & Yang Xie)